Which Course is right for you?

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Tanya Fong, Principal Trainer, explains below what you will learn in the Certificate Course


Step 1:  Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy 


The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy is a comprehensive foundational program that teaches students the practical application of hypnosis for friends and family and therapy. 

The five day course includes both in-class instruction and practice and online study of 360 hours, covering the history and fundamentals of hypnosis, various induction techniques, and psychotherapy principles. 

Through hands-on training and practicing, students will learn how to safely and effectively induce the hypnotic state for therapeutic purposes. 

Upon completion of the training, students will receive a certificate from The Australian Academy of Hypnosis and gain permanent access to the academy's online student training and resource centre. 

Our expert instructors will guide you through daily live group hypnosis sessions designed to help you experience the power of hypnosis for yourself and help you to overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs about what you are capable of achieving. These group sessions will help you shift your mindset to one that is more conducive to success.

At the end of the 5 day training course you will know how to hypnotise someone and run a full hypnotherapy session and will feel confident and excited to go out and continue to practice your new hypnosis skills.

This training is a necessary step for those pursuing the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.  

If you have previous Hypnotherapy Training with another Academy and want to enhance your skills then contact us to discuss starting your training with us at Diploma - level 2.

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Tanya, explains what you will learn in the Diploma Course


Step 2: Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy 


This is an intermediate course that builds upon the skills and knowledge gained in the Certificate Course.   This advanced training program includes five days of in-class instruction, practice and ongoing online study, focusing on advanced hypnosis techniques and therapeutic methods.

The curriculum covers rapid and shock hypnosis inductions how to induce them and use them, therapeutic ideo-motor skills and advanced therapeutic techniques. 

Students will also learn specialised interviewing techniques for building rapport with clients and working effectively in therapy sessions. The program also includes training in beginners Energetic Hypnotism: Mesmerism/Magnetism/Hypnotic Fascination.  Here you will get to be a part of our instructor's live mesmerism and magnetism demonstrations and be supervised to practise these new new mesmerism and magnetism skills with other students..

Tanya and Paul will guide you through live group hypnosis sessions designed to help you overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs about what you are capable of achieving. These group sessions will help you shift your mindset to one that is more conducive to success.

We will also teach you how to incorporate sound and audio equipment effectively in your clinical practice, enabling you to provide a more immersive and impactful experience for your clients. You will learn the ins and outs of unplanned fast hypnosis sessions, empowering you to help individuals in need of immediate assistance.

During this program, you will develop the skills needed to conduct successful online hypnotherapy sessions with confidence, both for individuals and groups.  This will expand your reach and enable you to help people all over the world, creating exciting opportunities for your career.

To complete the Diploma, students are required to view  online training videos and pass an open book exam and in-class assessment.

This training is available to students who have completed the academy's Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy or have acceptable Recognition of prior learning (RPL) with hypnosis training from other approved institutions. 


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Step 3: Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


With this advanced course you get to experience the pinnacle of Hypnotherapy Training.

Immerse yourself in another dynamic and fun five-day course, carefully crafted to propel aspiring Clinical Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists to extraordinary heights of personal and professional success.

Leave no stone unturned as you delve into a comprehensive curriculum that uncovers the full spectrum of hypnosis techniques. Expand upon your existing skills and knowledge gained from the Diploma, and embark on an exhilarating journey into advanced methodologies that push the boundaries of possibility.

We equip you with tools to amplify your hypnotic powers. Discover the art of harnessing esoteric symbols to elevate your practice to new dimensions of impact and influence.

Ignite Your Business and thrive in the digital age.

Transition from not only being a skilled Hypnotherapist to a thriving business owner with our expert guidance.

Uncover the strategies and tactics to cultivate a successful hypnotherapy practice in the digital realm.

Harness the potential of online presence, captivating social media content, targeted advertising, website development, client relationship management systems (CRMs), and the transformative power of AI technology.

Beyond Theory: Practical Wisdom from Successful Entrepreneurs:

We unveil the secrets we use to effortlessly and rapidly propel your business into the future.

We take you beyond theory drawing upon our vast practical wisdom and experience in growing successful businesses, we reveal the tried-and-tested methods we are taught from our Business Coach that work wonders even on a limited budget.

Learn organic self-promotion techniques, unlocking your potential to stand out as the true you and attract clients with ease.

Unlock the Depths: Exploring Past Life Regressions

Discover an immensely powerful tool to facilitate profound healing for your clients – learning the skill set of Past Life Regressions. Elevate your therapeutic repertoire, help your clients find solace, transformation and healing using these methods.

The Hypnotherapist Within: We want to help you to awaken your true potential.

Harness your inner hypnotist and unlock the latent brilliance of the Hypnotherapist within you.  Through our daily group hypnotherapy sessions we want to guide you to unveil and release your inherent abilities to help empower and help others heal.

Unleash the Power of Magnetic Energetics (Mesmerism) 

Included in this exceptional program is access to our online Magnetic Energetics (Mesmerism) training. Study at your own pace, expanding your understanding of this fascinating field and enhancing your professional toolkit.

Transformative Certification: Equipped for Impact

Upon completion of this transformative program, you will emerge equipped with a comprehensive arsenal of advanced hypnotherapy techniques. Armed with the dynamic fusion of hypnotism and mesmerism, you will confidently provide powerful therapy that creates lasting change for your clients.

Elevate Your Career: Soaring to New Heights

Embark on a thrilling new chapter in your hypnotherapy practice as you ascend to new heights of excellence. Armed with the knowledge and skills gained from this course, you will offer transformative experiences to your clients and embark on an exciting journey of personal and professional growth for yourself.

Embrace a Bright Future: Continued Learning Opportunities:

As an Advanced Diploma Graduate, your journey doesn't end here. Look forward to exclusive monthly zoom training sessions with Paul and Tanya, where they will share further teachings on cultivating a flourishing your Hypnotherapy business.

These monthly trainings are advanced and seperate to our normal online student training sessions and will only be available for Graduated Advanced Diploma Students.

Embrace ongoing opportunities for growth and success using the strategies they will teach you in this unique mentoring opportunity.  



This course is only available for students who have completed the academy's Diploma course or have acceptable Diploma Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from other accepted training institutions.


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