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We are Australia's premier hypnosis training organisation, offering hands-on courses and private sessions nationwide.

We are the only Academy offering face-to-face practical training across Australia, building your confidence in hypnotherapy.

Daily group hypnosis sessions provide both learning and personal therapy, ensuring you master your skills.


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Key Benefits


We are the longest running Hypnosis Academy in Australia


Hands-on Training


Gain practical skills and confidence with immersive, real-world training guided by seasoned instructors.  Since 1996 we have trained over 5000 Clinical Hypnotherapists worldwide.


Ancient Energy Healing


Master ancient mesmerism and magnetism techniques to enhance your hypnotherapy practice and client results.


Accredited Courses


Earn top-tier, nationally recognised qualifications with our Diploma courses, ensuring you stand out as an industry expert.



Unique Techniques


Exclusive training in shock inductions and impromptu hypnotism, combined with business development skills to ensure your success without guesswork.


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Join Tanya as she chats with Eli Raven from Melbourne Victoria, known for her influential TikTok presence with over 24,000 followers. Eli, already very successful in her work, helping so many reveals how exploring hypnotherapy uncovered the incredible potential of her mind, leading to amazing personal and professional growth.

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Discover what our students loved about their experience. Hear why they were drawn to our courses, their thoughts on our expert lead trainers, and whether they’d recommend us to others.

Get inspired by their journeys and see how our training can transform your life too!





Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Level 1 Discover Hypnotherapy with this foundational course for beginners.

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Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Level 2 Unleash Your Energy Healing Abilities.  Turn your passion into a career.

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Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Level 3 Master the Art of Past Life Regressions and Shock Inductions.  

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Meet Tanya, a renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist with an outstanding reputation. She, along with her family, specialise in helping young people, business leaders, and entrepreneurs overcome unconscious barriers to achieve success.

Tanya’s dedication ensures outstanding results for her students and clients, maintaining the Academy’s top status in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing Training in Australia.


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Hypnotherapy Council of Australia  Approved School Badge Number: HCAS735
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Australian Hypnotherapists Association



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Courses in: Melbourne, Sydney Perth & Brisbane