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To ensure that we teach every student the true history of hypnosis and competent skills in its practical uses and applications; including the relevant induction styles for Ericksonian Hypnosis, Direct Rapid Authoritative Hypnosis, Mystical (past life regression) Mesmerism (which is not hypnosis), Hypnotic Fascination and Magnetism.

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A New Unity In Hypnotherapy

Beginning in 1996, The Australian Academy of Hypnosis has been at the forefront of providing Clinical Hypnotherapy training throughout Australia and overseas. The curriculum of The Academy is very practically orientated and geared to produce good Hypnotherapists.

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis has taught more than 3500 students since opening in 1996. Our graduates have come from all over the world and from all walks of life, graduates from New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Iceland, Fiji, South Africa, Holland, and Costa Rica have learnt the art of hypnosis and how to apply it in a therapeutic context. Our Certificate and Diploma courses meet educational standards recognised by Australias leading hypnotherapy associations.

Many “Hypnosis Training Institutions” do not include practical aspects of inducing hypnosis in their curriculums. We have always addressed this knowledge gap in the content of our Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses.

What has become concerning in context to the future of Clinical Hypnotherapy is the proliferation in the number of courses in hypnotherapy being offered by trainers with minimal experience as working Clinical Hypnotherapists. We say “If you haven’t walked the walk and just talk the talk”, how can you teach real effective methods without experience? The most effective methods come from experience gathered from seeing clients over many years for a variety of problems.

Lorna and John Jackson are real life experienced trainers. Currently running a busy hypnotherapy business. One practice in Brisbane and the other on the Gold Coast. Only life experienced trainers with many years practical experience and good track records are really the ones to study with in our humble opinion. There are way too many textbook trainers these days attempting to train others how to become a success in the field of hypnotherapy.

As a Hypnotherapy student you can pay many thousands of dollars only to end up learning learning and practicing a progressive muscle relaxation technique for 3 – 4 days before you are given a document that decrees you as a Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist or a Master Practitioner. Its a sad but true reality that many graduates from this type of training have no real idea of what true Clinical Hypnotherapy is.

Our goal first and foremost is to assist you to realise your potential in your career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. This starts with how to induce genuine hypnosis and to conduct good in depth therapy. This is basis of what makes a good Clinical Hypnotherapist.









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