Level 2:  Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Learn the Ancient Arts of Mesmerism and Magnetism


Unleash Your Abilities: Turn Your Passion into

a Career with Hypnotherapy

Take your expertise in comprehensive well-being to the next level with our course in Advanced Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing. This program is tailored for hypnotherapists seeking to deepen their understanding and proficiency in mind-body harmony.

Explore advanced concepts in energy healing, including mesmerism and magnetism, alongside modern hypnotherapy techniques. Enhance your skills in inducing hypnotic states, guiding clients through transformative healing journeys, and conducting comprehensive client assessments.

Moreover, we empower you with essential business skills, teaching you how to establish and run your own practice successfully. Learn strategies for marketing and client management ensuring you have the tools to thrive in your new career.

Upon completion of this diploma course, you'll emerge as a confident and skilled practitioner, equipped to excel in the field of complete well-being and make a meaningful difference in the lives of your clients while managing your own successful practice.


Professional Intermediate Hypnotherapy Course



  • Open to graduates of our Academy's Level 1 Certificate Course.
  • Accept Recognition of Prior Diploma Learning (RPL) from approved hypnosis training institutions. 
  • You must be confident in delivering hypnotherapy sessions.


In-Class Learning Components (5-Day Face-to-Face Training)


âś…Skill Advancement

  • Build upon skills and knowledge acquired in the first level.
  • Focus on elevating and refining your hypnotherapy skills.

âś…Therapeutic Methods

  • Expand knowledge into therapeutic methods to include energy healing.

âś…Live Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • Participate in transformative sessions led by expert instructors.

âś…Mindset Transformation

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and shift your mindset towards success and abundance.
  • Address and conquer limiting thoughts about your personal capabilities.

âś…Mesmerism Intention and Fascination Development

  • Enhance your gaze for fascination mastery and practice energy transference and release.
  • Learn esoteric symbols for mesmerism mastery.

âś…Energetic Mind Exercises

  • Develop intuitive brain strategies to enhance intuitive abilities.

âś…Ideo-Motor Signals

  • Communicate effectively with the subconscious  mind.

âś…Million-Dollar Hypnotherapy Qualifying Script and Personalised Script Creation

  • Discover a script designed for unparalleled hypnotherapy business success.
  • Develop unique hypnosis scripts for client sessions.

✅Effective Online Sessions and Audio Equipment Utilisation 

  • Learn to conduct sessions confidently online to expand your global reach.f
  • Harness the power of sound and audio equipment in clinical practice.

âś…Unplanned Sessions Empowerment

  • Handle immediate assistance situations with unplanned sessions.

âś…Total Resolution Process

  • Deliver profound results by combining hypnotherapy, mesmerism, and magnetism for a full session. 

✅Comprehensive Resources

  • Receive training manuals, student workbook and much more.
  • Access in class training videos to further development your skills.


Receive a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and Transcript of Studies, recognised by the International Hypnosis Association (IHA). This qualification allows you to become a member of the IHA, gaining worldwide recognition.


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