Meet The Team


Paul and Tanya Fong

Tanya Fong


Tanya, a seasoned hypnotherapist who specialises in hypnosis, and energy healing techniques, boasting a strong reputation and successful business.

Together with her husband Paul and her son Kambell, they assist young people, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in overcoming unconscious barriers for personal and professional success.

Tanya's teaching reflects her dedication and yields impressive results in both students and private clients.

Committed to excellence, she aims to uphold the Academy's status as a leading institution for Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and Stage Hypnotism education in Australia.

Dive into the ancient world of hypnosis and energy healing with Tanya as your guide, and unlock the full potential of these techniques to transform and elevate you.

Paul Fong 


Paul is a seasoned professional in hypnotherapy, training, and leadership development, enriching the Academy with his vast experience and expertise.

His structured teaching approach, refined through military and law enforcement backgrounds, resonates well with students.

As an integral part of the Academy, Paul designs and delivers training programs, focusing on individual behavior dynamics within hypnotherapy practice.

His impressive qualifications include Advanced Diplomas in Business, Leadership and Management, among others.

With his diverse skill set and commitment to excellence, Paul contributes significantly to the Academy's mission of empowering students in their professional growth and development.