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What can Hypnotherapy help?

Meet the team of Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists, Paul, Tanya and Kambell Fong, renowned for their expertise.

Whether you prefer online sessions or in-person meetings our Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions are meticulously designed to help you sort your issues and initiate permanent change in as little as four sessions. 

Our team of experts specialises in Clinical Hypnotherapy, adept at reprogramming your subconscious mind to help you achieve your desired changes. Whether it's breaking a habit, overcoming a fear, enhancing wealth, or improving any aspect of your life, we have the knowledge to guide you through the hypnotherapy process.

Contrary to common belief, change doesn't have to be difficult. Our approach demonstrates how effortless it can be when you work with us.

Paul and Tanya specialise in working with Business Owners, Managers and Hypnotherapists.  Kambell specialises in helping young people with various issues including anxiety, adhd, quit vaping, confidence, limiting beliefs, money blocks and a whole lot more.

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Paul and Tanya often travel interstate across Australia.  Contact us to find out when they might next be in your area.  


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How our sessions work?


We offer a unique combination of Modern, Traditional, and Connective Hypnosis, providing a more profound and transformative hypnosis experience, unlike any other.

Connective Hypnotism (Mesmerism and Magnetism), an ancient form of non-verbal hypnosis, taps into the body's natural magnetic energy to facilitate healing and personal change. Unlike modern hypnosis, which relies on relaxation and verbal communication, Connective Hypnotism accesses the subconscious through the body's innate energy and the central nervous system.

We induce deep and profound hypnotic states without uttering a single word. This rare and ancient practice, used by healers and practitioners worldwide for thousands of years, is now a rare gem in the realm of modern hypnotherapy.

Clients who have experienced our approach have testified to its effectiveness, and we strive to create an unforgettable hypnosis experience for each individual who seeks our services.


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