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Hypnotherapy Course?

You're are in the right place.  We are the only Academy teaching in multiple states around Australia. 

Step 1:  Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Level One.

FACE-TO-FACE + Online Self Paced COURSE


If you seek a structured comprehensive and hands on face to face foundational course to learn the profound skill of hypnotising others, so you can help people then look no further than our Level One Certificate Course.

Learning how to hypnotise can be a very complicated and difficult skill to learn if you are not taught it in a structured and easy to follow way.

Designed to take away all the confusion about how and what to learn, this in-class face to face course promises to equip you with the essential techniques, structure, process and practice you need to have the confidence and ability to astound your friends and family with your new hypnotism skills. 

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What's Included?

Level One 

Course Overview


This introductory course is ideal for anyone 18 years and over who wants a simple, structured easy to follow, hands on course learning how to hypnotise people. 

Our curriculum has been designed for beginners, and busy people with limited time to study.    It ensures that no prior knowledge or experience of hypnotism is required, making it an accessible and welcoming option for anyone wanting to learn.

This course caters to people seeking to understand more about themselves and the way they think and wanting some powerful personal changes by stepping into the thrilling world of hypnotism.

Whether you are seeking personal growth, enhanced self-awareness, or the pursuit of the new and exciting skill of hypnotherapy, our course stands ready to guide you in an easy-to-follow process practicing under supervision each skill you learn.

Level One 

Course Overview


This course provides the ideal avenue to embark on your own personal transformative journey as our expert instructors will guide you through daily live group hypnotherapy sessions designed to help you experience Clinical Hypnotherapy and the real power of hypnosis for yourself.  This will help you to overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs, fears and restrictions and remove things you don’t want to from your life so you can shift your mindset to one that is more conducive to success.

You will be able to safely and effectively induce the hypnotic state correctly for therapeutic purposes.   We teach you the skill, demonstrate that skill so you see how it’s done and applied then you partner up with other like-minded students to practice and get confidence in that skill.

At the end of five days with us you will have hypnotised many other students as a hypnotherapist and also have been hypnotised as the client many times.  You will have practiced and understand how to hypnotise someone and know how to do many powerful hypnosis induction techniques that will amaze the people you hypnotise. 

This course ensures that you will swiftly acquire the basic skills needed to hypnotise your family and friends for therapeutic purposes. 

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What You'll Learn

5 Days of Face-to-Face Training + Online Learning


To obtain your Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Qualification, you will be required to undertake a combination of five days face-to-face training and online self-study training in conjunction with an online and practical assessment to complete a total of 400 hours.

The core components for the Certificate Course include:

Practical applications of hypnotising someone (5 Days Face-to-Face)

  • Learn and practice how to hypnotise a person using different hypnosis induction techniques tested and proven for almost 30 years to safely and effectively induce proper hypnosis and amaze the person being hypnotised.
  • Learn and practice how to do a full hypnotherapy sessions to help people with various issues, problems and challenges.

ONLINE – Self Study (student resource portal)

  • True History and Fundamentals of Hypnosis 
  • Psychotherapy Principles
  • Mindset – how we think and behave and why
  • Stress Factors – how to control and manage
  • Effective Communication – with the people/clients you are wanting to hypnotise.
  • And so much more...

What's Next?


After completing the level one Certificate Course with all the requirements, you will have learnt all the foundation skills to be able to hypnotise people for therapeutic purposes.  

You will be issued with a Certificate and Transcript of Studies from The Australian Academy of Hypnosis and entered into our Graduate Register.

You will then have an opportunity to take the next step which is our level two course the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

You can watch a video below to find out what you will learn on level two. 

This training is a necessary step for those pursuing the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.   


If you have previous Hypnotherapy Training with another recognised Academy and want to enhance your skills then contact us to discuss starting your training with us at Diploma - level 2. 

Watch one of our Graduates Chris below to hear what he thought of the level one course. 

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Included with your enrolment


Step 2: Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Level Two.


Watch the video above where Tanya explains what you will learn in the Diploma Course


FACE-TO-FACE + Online Self Paced COURSE


This is an intermediate course that builds upon the skills and knowledge gained in the Certificate Course. This advanced training program includes five days of in-class instruction, practice and ongoing online self study, focusing on advanced your hypnosis techniques, mesmerism and therapeutic methods.

The curriculum covers therapeutic ideo-motor skills and advanced therapeutic techniques. 

Students will also learn specialised interviewing techniques for building rapport with clients and working effectively in therapy sessions. The program also includes training in beginners Energetic Hypnotism: Mesmerism and Hypnotic Fascination.  Here you will get to be a part of our instructor's live mesmerism demonstrations and will be taught how to practise these new mesmerism skills with other students.

Tanya and Paul will guide you through live group hypnotherapy sessions designed to help you overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs about what you are capable of achieving. These group sessions will help you shift your mindset to one that is more conducive to success and abundance.

We will also teach you how to incorporate sound and audio equipment effectively in your clinical practice, enabling you to provide a more immersive and impactful experience for your clients. You will learn the ins and outs of unplanned fast hypnosis sessions, empowering you to help individuals in need of immediate assistance.

During this program, you will develop the skills needed to conduct successful online hypnotherapy sessions with confidence.  This will expand your reach and enable you to help people all over the world, creating exciting opportunities for your career.

This training is available to students who have completed the academy's Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy or have acceptable Recognition of prior learning (RPL) with hypnosis training from other approved institutions. 

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Included with your enrolment

Step 3: Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Level 3.

FACE-TO-FACE + Online Self Paced COURSE


Experience the pinnacle of Hypnotherapy Training with our advanced course, propelling you to extraordinary success as a Hypnotherapist. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and fun five-day program, designed to expand your skills through more hands-on practical learning and practice of Mesmerism and learn the ancient art of Magnetism to incorporate the Total Resolution Process for your clients which will bring profound results.

Uncover a comprehensive curriculum revealing the full spectrum of hypnosis techniques, equipped with tools to amplify your hypnotic powers using esoteric non-verbal symbols for heightened impact.

Thrive in the digital age, transitioning from a skilled Hypnotherapist to a successful business owner. Gain expert guidance to harness AI technology, and more.

Learn from successful entrepreneurs sharing practical wisdom. Master organic self-promotion techniques to attract clients effortlessly and authentically.

Explore the powerful tool of Past Life Hypnotic Regressions, enabling profound healing and elevating your therapeutic repertoire.

Awaken your true potential as a Hypnotherapist, unlocking intuitive abilities to empower others.  You'll have plenty of time to practice and refine your skills.

Access our online Magnetic Energetics and Mesmerism training, expanding your professional toolkit even further to learn non-verbal hypnotism.

Upon completion, emerge as a certified Advanced Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist armed with powerful, script-free methods for personalised and impactful sessions.

Soar to new heights in your hypnotherapy practice, embarking on a thrilling journey of personal and professional growth.

As an Advanced Graduate, your journey doesn't end here. We are thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to participate in Paul and Tanya's online business mentoring sessions. These sessions are designed to help you cultivate and flourish your Hypnotherapy business, bringing your career to new heights. Please note that this valuable resource is available through a subscription service, ensuring continuous support and growth for your Business .

This advanced course is open to graduates of the Academy's Diploma course or with a recognised Diploma RPL.

Don't miss the chance to gain hands-on practical experience and become a highly skilled and confident Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.


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